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Apr 30, 2010 3:00pm EDT
investigation of what happened in the west virginia coal mining accident as well. so, there is all sorts of things where the government is involved in investigations or potential investigations out there which is part of the whole reputational risk and risk going forward. >> and all of the risk that is playing in the equity market, and on the flipside, it is having a real positive effect here with commodities, and it is not the only reason why we are seeing the commodities higher today, but the concerns out there, and the fact that particularly in the gold markets people don't know what is going to happen with greece. they want to cover themselves in terms of being in a safe haven and looking to gold, and that has gold prices today closing for a record of the year where we are above 1180 and we will see 1200 like we did in december which is the way that the gold is going. in other commodities the risk trade is back on and this is not counting with bp and the impact it is having on oil prices and the psychological support there. >> yes, a great point, because gold once again acting as the
Apr 1, 2010 3:00pm EDT
in placeness pennsylvania and west virginia, where they're starting the shale gas plays, and not only trying to get the jobs from engineering and getting the gas out of the ground, but also from some of the services that are tied to it, whether it's legal services, professional services, so that's an interesting area where we are seeing some job growth. >> and the nucleus story, the shale story. go ahead, bob. >> just putting up the energy complex there, sharon, energy at dler 895, oil at $85, remember when oil hit $100, remember what happened to retail sales? >> they came out with a report -- >> that's your worry, exactly. >> every trader i talked to who trades oil for a living cannot believe that oil prices are this high. they're just going with the tape, but the fact remains will the consumer be able to withstand $85, $90 oil, which means $3 at the pump, $4 at the pmp. i don't think so. they look for a washout perhaps in the oil market, but that's provided the financial interests and folks trading this because they want this asset class, don't keep driving it higher. >> but you know -- >>
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2